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AUGUST, 2019

Back in 2011 Lotus unveiled the T125. This was a near-F1 spec’ single-seater, whose million-dollar price tag bought you not just the car, but entry into a kind of private racing league, a team of mechanics and a driving coach.

The project was a spectacular failure, with only a few cars built and delivered before everything went a bit Pete Tong. But now the T125 is back, thanks to a New Zealand-based company called Rodin Cars.

It’s taken the T125 and improved upon it, adding its own (often 3D-printed) components such as a new titanium exhaust, titanium steering wheel and composite seats. The first five cars are currently being assembled.

Prices start at $650,000. Which isn’t too bad, considering what you’re getting. The FZED uses a 3.8-litre Cosworth V8 making 675bhp and 9,600rpm, which Rodin claims can run for over 3,000 miles on regular, 98-octane petrol before it needs a rebuild. It can reach 100mph from rest in just five seconds, and weighs just 610kg thanks to liberal use of composites and fancy metals.

Indeed, the spec sheet reads like a who’s who of component manufacturers. Besides the Cosworth engine you get a Ricardo six-speed sequential gearbox, Brembo carbon-ceramics, four-way adjustable dampers from Öhlins, wheels from OZ Racing and tyres from Avon.

Rodin says the FZED will be sold to “experienced and keen drivers who relish the opportunity for a near-F1 experience, without the cost, complexity and risk of owning an actual historic Grand Prix car.” It’s also eligible for a few amateur-level race series.

Company boss Aussie David Dicker, himself a Ferrari Challenge class champ, says there are “significant plans to expand Rodin Cars in the future. [Rodin] is serious, maximum high-performance track-car building business”. So watch this space.

Tom Harrison