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Ownership of a Rodin Car is not just about owning a seriously fast track car – it is the pinnacle of high performance motorsport and open wheel luxury, with our expert team here to assist you on your Rodin journey, every step of the way.

From our exclusive in-depth driver training program, to branded race gear packages, our carefully managed vehicle delivery services or private storage solutions with exclusive access to our picturesque race track, Rodin Cars stops at nothing to deliver world class service that leaves our customers free to thoroughly enjoy the purchase process.

The most discerning client will rest assured that their new vehicle will fit them, their preferences and drive style perfectly – better than any other vehicle they own. You will also take with you from your Rodin Cars experience, confidence and pure excitement, ready to show your new vehicle to the world.



As part of the service provided to our clients, their vehicle undergoes a full fitment process upon purchase, which includes pedal box setting, steering wheel positioning and seat moulding to suit our owners personal requirements.


Piloting one of the unique Rodin Cars vehicles requires a level of skill that is usually reserved for those lucky enough to have had in-depth open wheel track car experience. To get the most out of the FZED or FZERO owners will be invited to participate in the exclusively designed “Rodin Customer Driver Training Program” with our experienced race trainer and driver, Mark Williamson.

The Customer Driver Training Program incorporates a three-stage program, completed in the lead-up to the Rodin FZED test drive. Depending on individual experience level, new buyers can be up-skilled onsite through training delivered in a series of specialist track cars; from a McLaren 570s GT4, followed finally by an F3.



From our first conversation to ongoing support and friendship, Rodin Cars ensures every stage in the customer journey is a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Engine servicing requirements and technical advice are never far from hand, with our specialized team ready to provide excellent engineering support pre and post delivery. But we don’t stop there. To ensure a unique, luxurious and memorable time with us we can also supply the following:

• Accommodation & Transfers
• Additional Professional driving instruction
• Catered lunches in Rodin’s Driver Lounge


To fully appreciate the Rodin ownership experience we provide customers with an escorted tour of our expansive manufacturing facility, where the design and manufacturing of nearly every part of your Rodin car has taken place.

Purposely designed, and housing some of the most advanced machinery in the world, you will see first hand why every detail of a Rodin car is engineered to perfection.



There are very few places in the world where you can test drive in complete privacy, and enjoy the exclusivity of having an entire complex to yourself.

Vehicle owners can drive on three different track configurations at the complex, where each straight and corner is designed to provide driver development information, using a variety of flat and undulating experiences.

A test drive at Rodin is the most unique, exhilarating and enjoyable experience.


Your Rodin car can be serviced and maintained in our owners Pit Garage and, if required, stored securely in individual adjoining garages.

Rodin technicians are thoroughly trained and offer unsurpassed customer care. We are able to tailor our services to suit your requirements.