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MARCH, 2020

• Reigning W Series Champion, Williams F1 development driver and Aston Martin GT driver climbs aboard the Rodin FZED for an exclusive three-day-test programme at Rodin’s private test track in New Zealand

• Test programme aims to gather more track performance data of the one-of-a-kind FZED single-seater with the highly talented Chadwick behind the wheel

• Newly resurfaced track also features an updated layout featuring a fast 130-radius corner that will test both car and driver

• Chadwick will provide valuable technical feedback and work alongside Rodin’s in-house team of engineers as well as company founder David Dicker

Waiau, New Zealand, 12 March 2020 – Rodin Cars is gearing up to welcome reigning W Series champion, Williams F1 development driver and Aston Martin GT race car driver, Jamie Chadwick, to an exclusive three day test session at its private test facility in Waiau, New Zealand.

The programme, which takes place between 17-19 March, will see Chadwick pilot the spectacular Rodin FZED in a series of test sessions designed to accumulate track performance data to further develop and refine the single-seater race car’s driving experience. The data will also play a significant part in the ongoing development of the ground-breaking FZERO, which aims to be one of the world’s fastest track cars. With Jamie Chadwick behind the wheel, she will also provide Rodin’s in-house team of skilled engineers with valuable technical insight, capitalising on her extensive and successful experience as one of the world’s leading motorsport talents.

Jamie Chadwick said: “I am really looking forward to the experience with Rodin and contributing to its unique and ongoing story during my time at the dedicated facility. I’m interested in really getting under the skin of the car and seeing what it can do, and in the process work with Rodin’s team of engineers to refine what looks like a stunning racing machine.”

The brand recently completed a significant redevelopment of its purpose-built test facility, with strategic additions allowing engineers to further enhance the effectiveness of its testing and better showcase the performance of FZED and the upcoming FZERO. Fully resurfaced throughout, the work has seen the addition of a fast and demanding 130-degree sweeping left-hand corner designed as a homage to Suzuka’s iconic 130R. The track also plays host to Rodin’s driver development programme with each customer invited to hone their skills in a number of high-performance cars ahead of their FZED delivery.

David Dicker, Founder of Rodin Cars, said: “We are looking forward to seeing Jamie behind the wheel of the FZED and showcasing her driving talent during her visit. We won’t stop gathering data on the FZED as it’s a constant development process to improve every single area of the car and I’m confident Jamie’s driving experience and technical ability will help deliver a new level of insight both for the FZED but also the forthcoming FZERO. We have also invested in a new track surface throughout as well as a change to the layout and I’m confident Jamie will get to grips with the circuit and the FZED really quickly.”

Delivering a powerful 675bhp and 490Nm of torque from its Cosworth GPV8 engine, the FZED offers customers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to own and drive an open-wheeled track racer posting lap times close to those of a Formula 1 car. Weighing in at just 609kg, FZED’s ultra-lightweight, carbon fibre composite construction allows it to accelerate from 0-100mph (160kph) in just five seconds and reach a top speed of 186 mph (300kph).

The Rodin FZED will start at £500,000 GBP ($650,000 USD), which provides drivers with one of the purest driving experiences outside of modern Formula 1. By joining the Rodin family, drivers will benefit from a full driving experience at Rodin’s fully equipped facility under the tuition of expert driving coach, Mark Williamson.

Many of FZED’s exquisite titanium components, including the steering wheel and composite seats, are designed in-house and 3D printed on site ensuring that every part is of the highest quality without compromise. Boasting one of the most diverse collections of 3D printers anywhere in the world, Rodin Cars has established a strong reputation as an emerging player in the high-technology automotive engineering and manufacturing sector. The industryleading technology is also enabling the brand to develop its own titanium and carbon wheels, with the aim to deliver a 25 percent weight saving over the standard magnesium design.