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It is the detailed, meticulous, painstaking and complete process of thought that drives Rodin Cars.
Every product developed by the company is the result of methodical contemplation and a meticulously considered engineering process – completed in-house at the state of the art facilities in the picturesque hinterlands of New Zealand and unmatched anywhere else in the world.

From the design and prototype phase through to manufacturing and bespoke client ownership packages, each step in the development process has been thought, re-thought and refined. The Thinker represents the ethos of Rodin Cars, in its pursuit of excellence: the combination of physical and mental exertion, focus and determination resulting in the purest form of innovation and unrivalled performance.

It is at this point—the dynamic fusion of the tangible and intangible, of art and engineering that Rodin Cars excels. And it is why innovation is at the heart of our DNA. Every person and every part of the team is unwaveringly passionate, dynamic and focused on creating truly exceptional vehicles that reawaken the thrill of the drive in our clients throughout the world.

Thought. Re-Thought. Refined.


“The attitude of French sculptor Auguste Rodin’s masterpiece, ‘The Thinker’, is the cornerstone of Rodin Cars’ creative philosophy.”
David Dicker | Founder, Rodin Cars


Leveraging the limitless freedom of cutting-edge technology, without restriction. While the sculptor worked in three dimensions, he was constrained by the physical properties of his chosen medium and his tools. Rodin Cars have no such limits.

Industrial 3D printing and modern computerised design provide limitless freedom in the testing phases, and almost complete flexibility throughout the R&D process, where plastic prototypes bring complex new designs to life faster than ever before.

For end-of-use parts, 3D-printing technology and unlimited access to exotic materials from titanium to carbon fibre provide extraordinary precision, accuracy and superb surface finishes—as well as the ability to work to exceptionally tight tolerances, and sculpt certain elements to meet the personal preferences of each individual client driver.